This weekend I think I came up with my million dollar idea. We need packing away Christmas music. I don’t know yet what it would be or sound like, but I think it is a thing that’s time has come.

When I put out my tree way back in early December, my niece and I listened to Christmas carols and danced around having a wonderful time. As I started packing all of that away this past weekend, I couldn’t find anything to put myself in a similar mood.

I tried Bon Jovi, my go-to music for almost everything, but it just didn’t seem to help. Neither did classical music, which I thought might have been just the thing. But I couldn’t find any “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy” counterpart. I finally put on “Harry Potter” on DVD and went to work on the task at hand.

I remember putting the lights on that tree and it didn’t seem to take half as long as it did to take them off. I hope I get myself out in July and buy a prelit tree so I never have to go through that process again. At this point, the decorations are all packed in their boxes waiting to be lifted to their annual storage space for another 10 months. As I packed them all away, I wondered why on earth I got them all out in the first place. But those are the kinds of thoughts that sneak into our minds if we don’t have some sort of celebratory music to use to keep us up and happily going about the task.

When I was putting stuff out to the tunes of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” I didn’t mind unpacking box after box of snowmen, Santas and other stuff.

I am convinced that the music played a large part in that joy. We need something along the lines of “Rockin Round the Christmas Tree” to help us put that stuff away. I know Brenda Lee probably won’t be writing anything like that anytime soon, but how about Selena Gomez? If she has time to sing about not being able to keep her hands to herself, maybe she could post a tune or two about packing the angels back up and taking down those twinkle lights?

Happy birthday Monday to Janice Burns and Eloise White, both of Denison; Pauline Pyle, Norma White, Charla Hain and David Killion Jr., all of Sherman.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Carol Baxley and Bre’Anna Evans, both of Sherman; Aliyah Williams of Durant, Oklahoma; and Byron Goodrum of Houston.