We compile and print police reports from the Sherman Police Department and Denison Police Department on a regular basis in an effort to keep readers aware of what’s going on in their cities and what the local police officers are dealing with.

A lot of those crimes are mundane and routine, but every once in a while there’s some that are just amusing — though likely not to the people arrested. We’ve printed stories about people being arrested after they drew police attention for things like washing a car in the middle of the night in the rain, walking down the middle of the street and even sleeping in a car.

Unusual behavior like those instances can draw officers’ attention and lead to arrests if someone is intoxicated in public, under the influence of a narcotic or involved in some other illegal activity. Officers have discretion to arrest a suspect for just about any crime though, so every once in a while we get a report that someone was arrested for something like not walking on a sidewalk.

However, the one that would be of the most interest to all my teacher friends and relatives is someone being arrested for sleeping in public. One of my co-workers is a former teacher and mentioned the sleeping in public arrest made him think of all the times he had students fall asleep in class.

The idea of getting a student arrested for sleeping in class is certainly an amusing one for any teacher who has fought student fatigue, though I don’t think I know any teachers who would actually try to get a student arrested. But they would only have to arrest one child for the threat to be enough to prevent sleeping in class for the rest of time.

Happy birthday to Rose Colley, Frances Allen, Zabraylin Wilson and Peggy Harlan, all of Sherman; Ruby Ligon; Dean Armstrong of Howe.