Every day, countless acts of kindness are carried out in Texoma. Some make it into our newspaper or end up on TV, but the majority remain simple, under-the-radar gestures shared between just a few people.

I was recently on the receiving end of one of those seemingly-small gestures.

Last week the Sherman Police Department hosted a training course meant to help officers reconstruct motorcycle-involved collisions. I was told ahead of time that there would be controlled crashes as a part of the event, so I brought along a few extra pieces of camera and video gear, my beloved tripod among them.

I’m used to traveling pretty light while on assignments. My essential gear consists of a pen and paper, my recorder and my camera. So when it came time to wrap up, I made sure I had my usual belongings and headed out. But I forgot all about my tripod, which was still standing in the parking lot.

The next day, I got an email from Capt. Sarah Bigham of the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office saying someone had found a tripod that was left at the site. Realizing I was that someone, I wrote her back and asked when and where I might get it back. A few days later I got a text from Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton saying that he had my tripod in his office and I could come pick it up.

What Bigham and Hampton probably don’t know is how much that tripod and their gestures mean to me. I’ve taken that tripod on long hikes through my favorite national parks, used it to take family photos and cheesy as it may sound, that tripod has helped me record some of the most enjoyable moments of my life.

I’m willing to bet a few other people helped get my tripod back to me. And while I don’t know who exactly those folks are, I’d like to thank them just as I’d like to thank Hampton and Bigham. Their small gestures had a big impact on me and I won’t soon forget it.

Happy birthday Friday to Rolanda Stevenson, Beverly Dunn, Jason Watson, Ervie Wallace, and Kathy Daniel, all of Sherman; Toyia Jackson of Lubbock; Alvin Brown Jr. of Austin; Michael Blanton of Denison; Nundee Biggers of Garland; and Samye Ballard of Whitesboro.