It is an honor and privilege to be the publisher of this newspaper every day, but today is a particularity proud day. I am sure you have already noticed that your paper today is printed on pink newspaper. Pink ribbons are used to signify breast cancer awareness, and today we are bringing awareness through the color of the newsprint used to print this special edition.

Today is also one of the largest Saturday newspapers we have ever printed, and I could not be more proud as it is for such an important cause like breast cancer awareness.

This particular issue is near and dear to my heart as my mother-in-law is currently in a battle with stage 3 uterine cancer. She has struggled with breast cancer for many years, and we are blessed that it was first detected during stage 1. After her first battle on the left side, she made the decision to remove the chances on the right side by having a preventive mastectomy.

We felt she had won the battle, as she was cancer free for five years, but during her five-year checkup, she found the cancer had returned. After two years of treatment, the uterine cancer had subsided, but, just a few months ago, she discovered a mass next to her aorta that was inoperable.

Before she started treatment, she was insistent she wanted to come for a visit. She had the pleasure of visiting us for a month and getting to know this great area for the first time. She fell in love like we did. She started her treatment on Friday, so please keep her in your prayers.

She is strong and a fighter. She has beat this two times before, and I pray and believe she will be victorious again. I have seen firsthand what this disease does to the body. I have also seen what this disease does to the spirit and to the families. I believe one day soon we will find the cure.

Your paper today is filled with survivor stories; information about prevention, early detection, and treatment; and ongoing cancer research. Our newsroom has spent several months planning this edition and how we would use the pages to empower survivors, arm residents with information, and celebrate those who have beaten this monster.

Our advertising department committed to doubling the ad sales from last year, thus funding the increase in pages for news and information sharing. They accomplished their goal and then some. Please remember all the businesses that you see in these pages as they helped in the fight. A portion of the ad sales will be donated to two local breast cancer charities, the American Cancer Society and Women Rock. We have also provided the American Cancer Society more than 1,000 of today’s papers to sell with 100 percent of their proceeds going to their Relay for Life teams.

Today is just one day that we recognize this monster; let’s pray that by next year’s edition we will be celebrating a cure.

Happy birthday Saturday to Maria Edmondson of Denison; Paulette Miller, Casanova Biddle, and Ze’Jorian Walker, all of Sherman; and Mary A. Wright.