EDINBURG - ECISD’s Migrant Education Program in partnership with Texas Workforce Solutions, helped migrant families find employment through a new database launch called ‘Work In Texas’.

Workforce Solutions staff were present to assist the families navigate their way through the new site to find work in agriculture or fishery industries.

“This is something brand new that is hands-on specific training for our migrant parents,” said Patricio Escamilla, ECISD migrant education program coordinator.

The program served existing qualified families but encouraged parents who’ve lost eligibility to participate in Thursday’s parent advisory council meeting.

“Most of the families here qualify for the program, so they have an opportunity to do another called, Qualifying Move so they can continue to extend their eligibility with our program,” said Escamilla. “We also invited parents who lost eligibility for whichever reason and now they have opportunities to learn where they can find jobs to requalify for our program,” Escamilla added.

ECISD’s Migrant Education Program has helped served 60 -120 families over the years and is providing technical training from Workforce Solutions staff to help migrant families find employment opportunities.

“I think the message is to work in collaboration not only with our district in the migrant department but ‘Work In Texas’ with Workforce Solutions,” said Escamilla. “These are the people that know - they have specific training for migrant parents to get the technical training, to use the work page and to use the database to find their jobs.”

‘Work In Texas’ is a state-wide database to help employ migrant families with job opportunities in the fishing and agriculture industries. Escamilla shared it will impact the Valley serving several migrant families.

For more information visit the following link: https://www.workintexas.com/vosnet/Default.aspx