McALLEN - Call it climate change or global warming, but don’t ignore it. With temperatures rising in different regions of our earth, polluted oceans and wasted resources, England native visual artist, Erica Daborn exhibits ‘Dialogues With Mother Earth: A Journey Through Time and Space’ (How We Made the Climate Change) at McAllen’s International Museum of Arts and Science (IMAS).

A visual exhibition worked on for 10 years by Daborn, showcases 10 charcoal murals on 15 foot long canvases showing the causes of climate change. Inspiration struck the artist when teaching at an art school where conversations of her younger peers grew concerned of their future asking ‘what is happening to our earth?’.

Daborn then decided to instruct a course that would look at relationships between humans and animals which was the start of her contribution to the global issue.

“I was looking at what if [as a society] really valued what’s lead to these issues with the environment,” said Erica Daborn, visual artist. “Each mural points to a different aspect of that and as an example, Funeral for the Last Elephant shows the last elephant dying on extinction species.”

The murals show a bleak reality on food waste, polluted oceans and rationed water in charcoal drawing for the exhibit’s original effect.

“In the original idea for the more interactive installation, [the canvases] were going to look as if they were drawn on the walls,” said Daborn. “They have this very rough texture and in that original idea, you would not see the edges of the canvas.

The exhibit was originally designed to have visitors go through a reversed story-telling visual effect, but is showcasing the pieces for now.

“The walls would be constructed so it looked as if someone had drawn them on the wall like cave-art asking ‘who recorded this?’ and if you were in the future looking back you’d ask ‘well when were they recorded and who recorded them?’ so everything is being seen as if we’re in the future and these things have already happened,” said Daborn.

If there’s something Daborn would like visitors to take away after visiting the exhibit, it would be to acknowledge the environmental issue(s) and be responsible for the major changes.

‘Dialogues With Mother Earth: A Journey Through Time and Space’ exhibit is available to the public at IMAS till Jan. 5, 2020, inside the Clark Family Gallery. For a full description and gallery on Daborn’s pieces visit: