EDINBURG - The Rio Grande Valley Vipers in partnership with NBA Houston Rockets, announces the single-affiliation NBA G League’s new general manager and head coach.

Travis Stockbridge was named new general manager making him the youngest GM in Viper’s history and second youngest in NBA G League history at 25-years-old.

Stockbridge got his start with the Houston Rockets as an intern his freshman year of college in 2012. Throughout his time with the NBA organization, he served as a basketball operations coordinator working the roster construction and game preparations.

Stockbridge has eight years of experience working with the Houston Rockets NBA partnership and four seasons with the RGV Vipers starting off as an associate coach.

“RGV is such an important role in everything we do in Houston,” said Travis Stockbridge, RGV Vipers general manager. “When we’re looking at draft picks, free agent signings, we have those conversations, ‘how well will they develop in the Rio Grande Valley and how can we use the Valley to make them better?’” said Stockbridge.

As for the Viper’s new head coach, Mahmoud Abdelfattah was announced the new position. Abdelfattah previously served as an assistant coach to Joseph Blair, previous RGV Vipers head coach and now assistant coach for Philly’s 76ers, during the 2018-19 championship season.

Initially, Abdelfattah started his career with the RGV Vipers in 2017-18 as a Basketball Operations Assistant under Matt Brase, now Houston Rockets assistant coach and former RGV Vipers head coach.

“I’ll never forget the day Travis reached out to me via email and asked if I was interested in a position with the Vipers,” said Mahmoud Abdelfattah, RGV Vipers head coach. “I told him ‘I would’ and sent my resume and about mid-october I got a callback that I got the job.”

Before working with RGV Vipers, Abdelfattah served as an assistant coach to his alma mater, St. Cloud State University for four years. Previous to his coaching career, he played for the Huskies at St. Cloud State University and at Wilbur College in Chicago for two years where he was named most valuable player in 2008.

The Vipers will have their first home opener of the season, Nov. 9 at Edinburg’s Bert Ogden Arena at 7:30 p.m. A pre-game party outside the arena and special performances along with pictures of the 2018-19 championship trophy will be a part of the game’s festivities.

Other festivities will include a ring ceremony where the first 1,000 ticketed fans in attendance will receive a replica of the 2018-19 championship ring. The RGV Vipers will also unveil and hang their 2018-19 NBA G League championship banner in the arena.

Staff and players will also be wearing specialty jerseys to commemorate the third time championship win and raffle six jerseys where all proceeds will go towards the Vipers Basketball Academy and Venom Volleyball foundation.

The Valley’s very own RGV Vipers are the winningest team in NBA G League history due to their 3X championship wins in 2010, 2013 and 2019.