McALLEN - DHR Health officially opened its doors to the new aquatic therapy institute Thursday, Sept. 26.

In the short amount of time the aquatic center has been opened, patients and referred providers have already seen improvements in those who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders.

“My team and I are excited to bring this service to the patients and to the community here in south Texas,” said Amir Esmaerili, director of DHR health therapy institute. “As a team we are committed to offering accessibility and versatility of our rehabilitation services.”

Aquatic therapy is an alternative road to recovery because of its buoyancy and resistive properties of water which can help reduce pain and stiffness by increasing joint mobility.

“Aquatics therapy can be a very instrumental part of getting folks back into the way they were,” said Robert D. Martinez, M.D, chief physician executive. “Whether you had surgery or not, it could certainly be helpful in minimizing surgery or altogether decrease the chances that you are going to need surgery,” said Martinez.

The ribbon cutting allowed community members to meet the rehabilitation team and tour the new aquatic facility.