The Promise (working title), a feature film, will begin principle photography October 2019. The producers of the film will be holding a casting to hire local talent from the Rio Grande Valley Saturday September 14.

Auditions begin at 1 p.m. at PSJA Memorial High School.

Roles being casted:

Bee (28-35) – Jim's high school sweetheart. Works at HEB. She's the kind of person who is brazen when it comes to speaking up, even to a criminal. She wants a better life for her son. Her Father was a drunk and her mother, weak in character, depending on her rotating boyfriends. Bee, however, is strong and has built resilience through her upbringing. When she wants, she can clean up nice – looking drop dead gorgeous. She will do anything for Michael (her son). Her moral compass is strong and does not tolerate otherwise. She wants a normal family but most importantly she needs to protect it.


Bee's Mom (Late 60s) – She has worked all her life as a cleaning lady. Dependent of being in a relationship she'll then control. On the outside keeping up appearances. But she's always put her self-interest in front of others, including her child. She doesn't like confrontations.


Dean (62 years old) – He's a bit younger than Bee's mom. He's always looking out for her interests. They've been together for 15 years. He used to work in a kitchen, but had to stop due to back-problems. He lives off a small insurance.


Michael (10 – 12) – Sometimes he wakes up at night and doesn't know where he is. He is also acting a bit different than usual, in not doing what his parents tell him. He knows something isn't quite right but he doesn't know why. He is a bit afraid of his father but loves him dearly. His mother barks a lot but does not bite like his dad.


Jim's Mom (70 years old) – Fragile and has trouble walking. She has been poor all her life. Getting medication for her lung condition (COPD) is a problem. She used to go to Mexico to get the medication cheaper. Lately she has not been able to go. She has two sons, Jim the oldest and Stan who is taking care of her. Stan is closest to her heart.


To audition submit a self-tape audition by following the website

Sign up for a slot by emailing Include Role and name in the subject line.