Members of the Mission CISD transportation department stuffed gauze into a piece of foam that was to illustrate a student bleeding profusely.

The demonstration was first aid for bleeding, the bus drivers each learned how to stop bleeding with tourniquets and gauze. All part of a kit that will be readily available in the busses should an emergency occur.

“We are training the drivers how to control the bleeding so the child will not die,” Maria Alejandra Ortega, Injury Prevention Coordinator for South Texas Health System said. “They get to practice on wound packing and tourniquet use.”

The Level II Trauma Center education team conducts the certifications for teachers, staff and those wanting to learn.

The Texas Legislature passed House Bill 496 requiring the development of bleed control stations in all public and charter schools across the state.

The area must include “Stop the Bleed” kits that contain specific supplies like tourniquet, gauze and other wound packing equipment.

The national campaign created by the Hartford Consensus was a response to school shootings. The course is for all school personnel.

Ortega said she plans to train as many people as possible. The ratio for student to trainer is 1-to-10.

She has seen classes as large as 200 so Ortega relies on doctors from South Texas Health System and other certified trainers like the Texas Department of Public Safety.

“It is a community effort,” Ortega said. “It is not just South Texas Health System or McAllen effort, we have Hidalgo County EMS and Hidalgo County Sheriff's office helping as well.”

South Texas Health System also conducts the “Stop the Bleed” certification to members of the public who want to learn how to be responsive during an emergency situation. All trainings are free and more information can be found at