How does electricity light a skyscraper? How do bridges withstand earthquakes? What is renewable energy? Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg RGV is helping our club members discover the answers through an innovative approach that engages kids with science, technology, math and engineering (STEM). During week one of summer camp club members were involved in more than 30 hours of hands-on experience in STEM-related activities.

“The STEM program at Boys & Girls Club is an important resource for hundreds of youth in our community,” said Adriana Rendon, Chief Executive Officer. “We strive to foster club members’ interest and engagement in critical STEM subjects by providing an engaging experience that helps prepare them for college, careers and global citizenship.”

The week included hands-on and virtual labs, engineering challenges, digital investigations, videos and career connections- all designed to immerse club members in the grand challenges of science set forth by the National Academy of Engineering.

STEM has been a key element of Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg Summer Camp for over 10 years.