McALLEN - To bring back the monarchs—and to protect all pollinators—gain more knowledge at the National Wildlife Federation’s workshop Saturday June 15 at Quinta Mazatlan.

The primary objective of this workshop is to train participants how to educate others about the ecological role of monarchs and the conservation actions that can be taken to help the species. 

 This workshop is a one-day course on monarch biology, ecology, and conservation. You will learn the basics of monarch habitat creation and conservation and you will leave the course with the knowledge and confidence to engage diverse conservation groups and local citizens to take action on behalf of the monarch butterfly. Everyone willing to learn about monarchs and how to help conserve them is welcome to join the workshop.

Topics covered in the workshop include Monarch butterfly biology and migration, Monarch threats, milkweed ecology, nectar plants, Monarch conservation groups, and community science, among others.

Monarch butterfly numbers have declined dramatically over the years, due to in part to habitat loss, disease, pesticides, and herbicides. Together we can help this iconic species come back so future generations can continue enjoying them.

 Advance registration is required.  Please visit or call 512-610-7750 for more information. The cost for the workshop is $65 per person, which includes access to digital and printed materials, a box lunch, and refreshments.