EDINBURG – At a special meeting Friday afternoon the Edinburg City Council approved a new petition form for use in election recall efforts for the city charter.

A uniform petition form was created for each place on the city council. Edinburg Attorney Omar Ochoa said the city has received affidavits for each member of the city council to have a recall.

The council as a body was not able to vote on general petition because of a conflict of interest in each place. So one-by-one each place, along with the mayor all had forms created for petition to recall an election.

The petition form will include name, date of birth, voter registration number, residence address and date of signing. All minimum requirements of the state election code.

Under the charter there are five petitioner committee and they are responsible to collect the 2,100 signatures needed for the petition. There is also circulator, or the person that will gather the signatures and will attest through an affidavit. The name of the circulator needs to be on the form as well.

The creation of the form stems from Edinburg resident Robert Solis wanting to submit a petition to have the mayor election recalled because of his arrest last month.

Once Solis files his affidavit for his petition again, he will have 30 days to collect the signatures needed for the recall.

Council member David Torres felt the entire process was a waste of time and wanted to vote against the agenda item but for sake of moving forward he voted yes. The mayor abstained from the vote and all Place 1 councilman Jorge Salinas opposed the vote.

Once the agenda item for was approved for all places on the council, Mayor Richard Molina added that having a petition brought up has not been done since 1949 and now the council is in uncharted territory.

“I can tell you that this is a complete waste of time and I wish the people who put the effort into chasing people down would give us that volunteer time here at the city,” Molina said. “Those listening, if you want to exert your energy we have room for plenty of volunteers, and people who want to exert your energy in a good way, I'm telling you we can use all the help we can get.”