The Office of Personnel Management, National Background Investigations Bureau presented a certificate today to the Hidalgo County District Clerk’s Office in recognition of their outstanding support to the San Antonio Field Office. This recognition is given to The National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) is the primary provider of effective, efficient, and secure background investigations for the Federal Government. NBIB’s mission is to deliver efficient and effective background investigations to safeguard the integrity and trustworthiness of the Federal workforce. The San Antonio Field Office wanted to acknowledge the Hidalgo County District Clerk for years of outstanding service and support to our national security mission.

“My office is extremely dedicated to providing timely and exemplary customer service to our constituents and government agencies,” said Hinojosa. “This is a true testament to my staff’s dedication and diligent efforts in providing responsive government. I greatly appreciate the Bureau taking the time to recognize their hard work.”

“Ms. Hinojosa and her staff have consistently provided exceptional and timely service,” said Andy Rodriguez, Special Agent in Charge, San Antonio Field Office. “This certificate is just a small token of appreciation for their commitment and dedication.”