Longtime organizer given namesake of annual race

EDINBURG – It was as if David Chavana was running for office. The longtime organizer of the annual 10k stopped to take shake hands, chat with elite runners and take selfies with some of the participants.

For him it was another year of helping during the first weekend in February, but it was more than that.

Every year city leaders boast the same quote, “it was our biggest race ever.” In fact the miracle mile, the All American City David Chavana 10k Run/Walk and fun run had 8,657 participants.

For Chavana though, it was different for 2019. Instead of running the route he was in charge of what some would call public relations. Late in December Chavana was sidelined from running due to the flu.

But Chavana took in the moment and enjoyed his day.

“The turn out was great and the weather was great,” he said while greeting the elite runners as they finished.

Chavana has been running the streets of Edinburg for roughly 42 years. While he has been injured a few times the longtime runner kept moving forward.

For 2020 Chavana hopes to be competing again, after all his name is on the race.

“Now I have a goal,” he said. “There is a lot of stuff that I did last year that made it tough for me to compete, I'm not 30 years old any more and I can't bounce back that quick.”

The Results

Top Overall Male was Julius Kogo of Kenya with a 28:36.5 time, overall female was Mary Munanu with a 32:29 time. Luis Reyes finished the race in 32nd overall with a 37:31 time making him the first Edinburg male to finish. Karla Hinojosa finished with a 44:51.5 time as the first overall female from Edinburg.