A female empowered class in the RGV

Victoria Mosqueda is learning a new choreography in a room full of women, who like herself, have joined a class to feel more empowered.

Through several Instagram posts the 25-year-old got connected with Hells n' Heels, a class combing hip-hop dancing, jazz dance and contemporary routines with an option of executing the class with high heels.

“My first class was a mind-blowing experience,” Mosqueda said. “My favorite thing about Hell n' Heels is that it is a way to let it all go and if I had a bad day, it is something that definitely picks me up.”

Hell n' Heels is the brain child of Ivanna Anirak, a McAllen-native who has been dancing for more than twenty years. Her goal for the dance class is to promote self-expression and empowerment.

Anirak had come back from training and competing in Los Angeles, and with the inspiration she got from the L.A. classes she decided to create the same experience. She started jazz funk class and began incorporating heels into the routines.

The class includes hip-hop and jazz techniques and is usually an hour long and the fee for entrance is ten dollars.

Emily Zurita met Anirak at a Mujer RGV workshop. Mujer RGV is a group of women songwriters who have joined to play acoustic music together.

Zurita performed belly dancing when she was younger, but as a Hispanic woman, she was always told not embrace her sexuality and dance unless it was to perform.

“Ivanna is very much about us embracing the things that make you yourself,” she said. “To put your own flare in the moves regardless of you getting them right or wrong.”

Hell n Heels is every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. at X Studio, 1005 E. US Highway 83.