HARGILL - Zakarie Guerrero and his classmates were learning about the armed forces at Hargill Elementary when his father tapped him on the shoulder.

Guerrero's voice rang out in shock, “Daddy!” The first grader jumped into Private First Class William Castro's arms and they embraced.

“I'm surprised myself about what happened,” Castro said. “I'm very happy because I get to see him.”

For the last 10 months has been training for his first assignment and Zakarie has not seen him since. The reunion was a happy moment for all involved. For now the plan for Castro is to take his family to Fort Collins, Colorado where he will be stationed before he gets deployed.

Being away from his family has been difficult. Castro enlisted when his daughter was three months old and not being to hear her first words was difficult.

But Castro, a wheel vehicle mechanic, arrived at his son's school with good timing. While he visited the class he was able to talk to the students about not only what he does in the army but also why he has a great appreciation for veterans, even more so than before.

“I got here on the right day I guess because I got to explain how much respect I have for veterans,” he said.