Because the phrase “nothing burger” has already been thoroughly worn out, perhaps Wednesday’s Erath County Commissioners Court meeting can be described as a “nothing omelet.”

The agenda for the meeting had 15 items for discussion, but none carried a major impact. Voting was postponed on two of the agenda topics because two of the four commissioners were out of town taking continuing education classes.

One of the topics that will have to wait for a another day for a vote was presented by Joe McFarland, president of the nonprofit 501c(3) Leon-Bosque RC&D (Resource, Conservation and Development) Council.

McFarland is proposing that Erath County schedule up a one-time roundup disposal of discarded vehicle tires. He noted that the scope of the project would depend on the commissioners’ assessment, and “it could turn into a multi-day event.”

He explained that the Leon-Bosque RC&D Council works with approximately 15 counties in doing similar recycling efforts, which in some cases also includes electronic items, cell phones, cables and appliances.

“We try and stress doing the work in small communities,” said McFarland, a former Texas A&M professor and also a former Air Force colonel who has lived in Erath County since 1992. “Service to the state and the country are really important.

Erath County is already a basic sponsor of the Leon-Bosque RC&D Council, providing $100 per year.

McFarland said his proposal for the tire roundup would be at no cost to the county, other than providing manpower to load the tires into trucks.

“The council makes no money on this,” McFarland said. “There’s no expense to the county.”

He said that he has already requested $10,000 in an SEP (Supplemental Environment Project) grant for the Erath County tire roundup effort, an amount that would cover four to five truck loads that would contain between 500 and 800 tires each.

“Typically, when we request SEP (money), we’ll contact the county and visit with the judge,” McFarland said. “The money is available. All I’ve got to do is request it.”

McFarland said the discarded tires can come from “people’s backyards, garages — they come out of the weeds.”

Another agenda item that was tabled until all four commissioners were back was consideration of a one-year contract with the city of Dublin for separate fire and EMS services.

“We will postpone (this vote) until all the commissioners are here,” Thompson announced during the meeting. “We will consider those at the next meeting. It will be on the agenda probably at the next meeting.”

In the meantime, the existing agreement with Dublin remains in place as an “evergreen” agreement.

“This is just a one-year agreement to evaluate all the services,” Erath County Judge Tab Thompson said of the proposed contract.


The commissioners who were in attendance — Dee Stephens and Herbert Brown — voted along with Thompson to approve the appointment of 10 supplemental election judges. The list, which features individuals recommended by the local Republican and Democrat parties, includes Democrats Rhonda Burd, Frank DeJesus, Laura Dobson, Juanita Fraun Polasek, Natalie Shelton, Pat Schipper and Joshua Wallace, and Republicans Sherry Brown, Concepcion (Tita) Feltner and Karen Rust.

They also decided by unanimous vote to approve routine election result contracts with the schools in Morgan Mill, Lingleville, Santo and the city of Stephenville.

The next commissioners meeting is set for 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Thompson noted that it was relatively rare to have two commissioners (Scott Jackson and Joe Brown) out at the same meeting.

“It is rare. We look forward to their return at the next meeting,” Thompson said.