Local nonprofit is the recipient of grant funds for its Classroom on Wheels

July is an exciting month for CodeRGV. As the recipient of a $37,800 grant from The Meadows Foundation, the organization will begin renovations on the Classroom on Wheels. This converted RV is a mobile classroom unit, that once renovations are complete, will be able to accommodate 20 students.

As a technology classroom, the C.O.W. will be designed to incorporate use of technology materials in this unique educational environment. CodeRGV looks forward to continuing its work to educate the RGV youth and community through computer programming, digital literacy, and various technology-related curriculum programs. “This grant will enable us to reach a wider audience, and to have a greater impact throughout the Valley,” said Irene Wazgowska, CodeRGV’s Program Director.

One of the organization’s goals is to establish a program for colonias, that will equip the individuals of these communities with digital literacy skills, helping to provide better employment opportunities and supporting academic pursuits. Drew Lentz, President and Co-Founder of CodeRGV said that “we’re really looking forward to what we can accomplish with the C.O.W. It’s such a valuable resource that the community can tap into.”

Another aspect of the mobile classroom’s renovation is hiring an educator. “We’re continuing to pursue grant funds so that we can bring on a dedicated C.O.W. educator who will teach and inspire the community,” said Irene Wazgowska. CodeRGV is also welcoming monetary and in-kind donations to purchase hardware, software, and equipment for the new classroom.

Rene Ramirez, CodeRGV’s Treasurer and Co-Founder, said “we’re incredibly appreciative of The Meadows Foundation grant, and what it will help CodeRGV to accomplish within the community.”