Jacobs Project Managers Brian McIntyre and Oscar Garcia updated the court on the the status of the new Hidalgo County Courthouse. During the presentation, McIntyre went through a timeline of completed and upcoming steps in the construction project's progress. Among the items discussed was the steering committee's review of proposed exterior and interior finishes, and the courtroom mock-up session that was held at Palmer Pavilion.


"Last week we had a courtroom mock-up that was generally very well received," said McIntyre. "We wanted to give the key stakeholders an idea of what the courtrooms would look like before construction."


Thirteen County Court-at-law and District Court judges, and their staff, showed up to give their input on the full-scale courtroom model constructed by Morganti Texas, the Construction Manager at Risk for the new county courthouse.


"Judges have been making suggestions for changes, and they will be voting on those changes at the next board of judges meeting," said County Judge Ramon Garcia. "We will need to be prepared to accommodate those requests."


With the design development near completion, plans for the new courthouse are moving forward.


"We're cutting costs by eliminating furniture and other things we don't need," McIntyre said. "We're also making sure we don't over design in order to give you the best options and to manage the budget to fit your needs."


The closing of Closner will be on or near September 4 and parking arrangements will be done in partnership with the City of Edinburg, said McIntyre.


Groundbreaking for the project is expected to take place in the fall of 2018.

Courthouse updates can be found at https://www.hidalgocounty.us/2263/New-Courthouse-Project.