A total of three seats on the Anna School Board of Trustees come up for election during the May 5 local elections. On Monday night, the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce hosted a question and answer forum. There were seven people in the hot seat who answered questions to allow citizens to learn more about the candidates.

The forum was moderated by the Anna Chamber Board of Directors President Mike Mixson and Secretary Pate Cain. Each candidate was asked the same questions and given one minute to answer. Most of the questions were taken from the citizens.

A question posed asked each candidate what connections they held to Anna ISD. John Matasso, who is running for Place 1, said he has never been on the board, but he has volunteered at many levels at his children’s schools and his children currently attend Anna schools.

Tiffany Terry, the incumbent for place 1, said her connections run a little deeper due to her incumbency. “I am currently on the board, my daughter is a junior, and I volunteer every chance I get,” she said.

Place 2 candidate Allison Carver said her ties are similar to some of the other candidates. “I have three children in all phases of the school system, I was a substitute teacher and I am also part of the Texas Virtual Academy,” She said.

David Upton, another Place 2 candidate, said he has no formal ties to the school board, but loves Anna and wants to get involved. “My children go here, and I’m interested in Anna,” he said.

Jason Adams is the incumbent for Place 2. He has lived in Anna all his life and attended Anna schools.

Paul Renfro, the incumbent for Place 6, said “my children are in the Anna Schools, and I am currently on the board.”

Wanda Hannah, another candidate for Place 6, said she has no ties to the school board, but wants to give back. “This community has embraced me since moving here, I want to give back using my 30 years of educational experience,” she said.

Some of the questions had universal answers. All the candidates believe the current board is doing a phenomenal job, but think communication is always something that can be improved upon.

“I agree with the other candidates that we are doing an amazing job,” Adams said with humor in his voice to the laughing crowd.

One of the questions was unique and afforded the candidates the ability to dig deep in themselves. Submitted by a resident, the question asked, “What is the last book that you read, and how can it help with leadership and motivate others?”

“I read ‘How to Put Others First.’ I got this book from Kevin and it shows us how to accept change and look to the future,” Terry said.

Carver said she reads the Bible everyday, but she also read another motivational book. “I just read ‘Rush of Heaven.’ Which is about a woman who bounces back. It makes me happy to think that can happen,” she said.

Upton is a coach, and his last book was ‘You Got to Win in the Locker Room First,’ and he said it is about leadership. “Sports is like teaching, you need to win the players over to win the game,” he said.

Adams has reading choices that are usually a little different than most due to his profession, but they show what can happen if children are not nurtured. “I had to read “When a Child Kills,’” he said. “It shows that we need to give back to the schools.”

Renfro said his last read was a good one, and is self-explanatory on how it helps motivate. “The Power of Serving Others’ was my last book. It outlines the positives on serving others,” he said.

Hannah laughed when she grabbed the microphone and said her latest read does not help motivate. “I’m retired, so I read mysteries.”

Matasso said his latest read was an unexpected gem. “I promised my son I would read the Percy Jackson series with him. It is about teens with powers,” Matasso said. “It is just like our teens today, they have amazing talents. They are assets we should tap into.”