The Amarillo Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit is warning of a phone scam involving the impersonation of a federal officer to get gift cards. Victims report receiving a call from a person claiming to be a US Marshall; the caller claims the business the victim works for is being investigated for counterfeiting and is under federal indictment. The suspect tells the employee that they are one of the few people at the business that aren’t being investigated, but if they tell anyone of the conversation they will be arrested. The suspect tells the victim that all of the cash from the business is being seized at the end of the night and is evidence. They tell the victim that the money is seized federal funds and since all banks are closed at the time they need to put the cash on gift cards. They stay on the phone with the victim during the process and reiterate that they are being watched by US Marshalls. The suspect has the victim buy multiple gift cards with the cash and mail them to an out of state address.

If someone that you don’t know calls you and asks you to pay for something in gift cards you should be suspicious. If you have not fallen victim to this scam, there is no need to contact the police department but you can file a report online at with the FBI. If you have suffered a monetary loss from this scam or any other scam you can make a report at 806-378-3038 or online at