An unusual duo are making their way toward Edinburg this April.

Joel Smallbone, is one of two front men of the band “for King and Country,” the other being his brother, Luke Smallbone.

Joel Smallbone described the music they play as “theatrical pop-rock,” inspired by bands like U2 and The Beatles.

Originally from Australia, the two brother moved to the U.S. as children. As of six years ago, the brothers decided to form a band.

“We grew up involved in music,” Smallbone said, adding that they grew up listening to vinyls their father would play for them.

Today, their father serves as the band’s manager. Their brother Daniel Smallbone handles lighting.

“It’s certainly a family affair,” Joel Smallbone said.

They’ve played several shows in Texas before, but they’ll be visiting the Valley for the first time in April as a part of their tour with Skillet. It’s the first time the two bands will share a stage.

“It will be an uplifting, energetic, exciting show where fans will get to see something they have never seen from both acts before," said John Cooper of Skillet in a news release.

The two bands will play at H-E-B Park in Edinburg on April 20.

Joel Smallbone of for King and Country said there will “something for everyone” at the show.

“We are than an individual, it’s a culmination of people, and idea, so there ends up being something for everyone,” Joel Smallbone said. “The audience comprises of people from two to eighty-two.”