Club members at Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg RGV are celebrating Engineers Week by taking the 2018 Fluor Engineering Challenge.  Using limited materials and their imaginations to build the best ball launcher possible, students are designing devices that can launch a ball as far as possible into a receiver using cups, paper, rubber bands and rulers.  They are joining with teams from all over the globe to see who can post the best score this year.

The Fluor Engineering Challenge helps educators meet the latest standards for science and engineering literacy.  This year’s Fluor Challenge, “Ball Launcher,” was originally developed by engineers from Fluor’s Houston, Texas office as part of the global company’s annual employee competition held in celebration of Engineers Week.  With the help of an expert team of scientists and educators from Science Buddies, this employee competition has been adapted to provide students the opportunity to experience how real-life engineers design solutions and show students first-hand how fun engineering can be.

“The annual Fluor Engineering Challenge, designed by and for employees, has been an important part of Fluor’s 50-year tradition of celebrating Engineers Week” said Mark Landry, senior vice president and chief Human Resources officer for Fluor Corporation.  “Thanks to our innovative partnership with Science Buddies, we’re pleased to be able to share this fun and engaging resource with students across the globe to provide a glimpse into this rewarding and thought-provoking profession.”

Activities organized by the Club’s youth development professional staff under the leadership Michael Acevedo, UTRGV STEM Intern will not only include the Fluor Challenge but also Clubs members will build rockets, towers and gliders.   “Engineers are in demand in because they are essential to the growth and development of our country. In the past few decades, engineers have changed the world by creating the internet, mapping the human genome and helping to send astronauts into space. Right now, engineers are working on innovative projects from solar energy to synthetic organs, driverless cars to virtual reality headsets,” said Michael. 

The Chief Executive Officer, Sabrina Walker Hernandez, said:  “Students of engineering develop an invaluable set of skills that serve as a strong career foundation and it is important that we educate club members and parents about the opportunities in engineering. Engineers Week allows us to engage with club members and spark their enthusiasm for engineering. We encourage everyone to get involved during this week.

”For 50 years, Fluor has been proud to support Engineers Week, one of the world’s largest professional outreach programs that celebrates and highlights the often overlooked role engineers play in our lives every day.  To learn more about this year’s Fluor Engineering Challenge and explore other project ideas adapted from previous Fluor employee competitions,