After battling trauma at a young age and furthering her education on balancing one's mind, body and spirit, Alexandra Asirvadam has the answer to happiness.

The local professional counselor claims her new holistic approach found through a personal lifestyle change can help the masses — and she's put it in an easy-to-read book.

Asirvadam currently works in Waxahachie and shared how experimental surgeries on her jaw kept her in and out of hospitals as a child. Over time, she overcame identity issues and focused her wisdom on helping others. Now, she's published her first book, "Balanced Bodies."

The Austrian-born author has been practicing as a counselor for chemical dependency and trauma for 11 years and most recently received her certification to be an integrated nutritional health coach.

Even though this is Asirvadam’s first book to publish, she said the theme has always been in her head.

“I think it could be really helpful for anyone and I want other people to be happier and healthier. I see all of the people who come in here with certain things they don’t really need to struggle with that do.”

Before writing the book, she completed a course on integrated nutrition and poured what she learned into the book. When she finished her nutrition course in June of 2017, she immediately started writing. “Balanced Bodies," which was published in November of 2017.

Asirvadam said she felt “disbelief" once the finished product was in her hands.

The book is geared toward anyone who wants to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. It identifies how a person can eat healthier, learn about relationships, what affects mental health, and how food affects brain chemicals, which intrigued Asirvadam the most.

“Also mental health information is in there like expectations, life assumptions, our thought processes on how we believe other people ‘should’ be when there’s no ‘should’ ever,” she elaborated. “We need to work on that a lot because everybody has that in their head.”

While writing the book, the fact that shocked her most was, “The amount of people who are going to have depression issues in their lifetime. That doesn’t mean they have it all of their life. It’s like half of the population will have some kinds of issue with depression and anxiety. It’s actually very scary.”

She notices this in her practice that some people don’t want to work on their issues but instead want medication to solve their problems. But there are the people who need medication to get better and those who don’t need it at all.

Everything in the book, Asirvadam has experienced or practiced in her life to have a balanced mind, body, and spirit. When learning about nutrition, she initially detoxed her body with what she calls “smoothie therapy.” She drank two large smoothies a day for two weeks and ate little food in between without supplements.

“After one week I had this huge roll right here on my stomach and realized I was detoxing on greens, nuts and seeds,” she recalled. “I was uncomfortable for a couple of days, and the bulge went away.”

After another two weeks of smoothie therapy, she said her head was clearer, her fatigue vanished, had more energy and didn’t need nearly as much sleep and “I was happier,” she relayed.

In her book, she mentions how food directly affects a person’s emotions and mind. She said the people in the nutrition field say the best way to go is to eliminate all genetically modified organisms (GMO) and go all-organic. She suggested, “If you leave GMOs out of your diet for two days, you will feel a difference.”

Asirvadam connected the time GMO was introduced and how it leads to obesity, diabetes, and depression spiking in the past 20 years.

Through her innovative knowledge, Asirvadam has changed her nutrition and eliminated her bad eating habits but admitted that it’s an ongoing process.

At the end of reading “Balanced Bodies,” the reader can pick up on how the mind, body, and spirit are all connected, affecting each other with anything put into the human body to how people think about themselves.

The book is easy to understand with an overview at the end, summarizing each section. There are also lists that can be cut out that give a basic step-by-step for each level process for mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. She provides simple suggestions on how to exercise, work on relationships and control negative thoughts.

Asirvadam sees herself writing another book in the future, but a children’s book, that her daughter hopes to illustrate. She’s had that in her mind for many years as well.

Her book, “Balanced Bodies” can be purchased online on Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com.


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