Edinburg High School came together, as a Bobcat Family, to assist and provide for the children of ESTRELLITA’S HOUSE in our Edinburg community. Thank you to all of our Bobcats who collected over 2,600 items (blankets, hygiene products, clothing, books, toys/crafts, school supplies, and other personal items) that went to children at ESTRELLITA’S HOUSE. These children take little to nothing with them when they are removed from their home.

Our Edinburg High School Bobcat family held a special ceremony in the main hallway of the school; the Bobcat Jazz Band played carols while the dancers and cheerleaders from Trevino Elementary performed in Estrellita’s honor. Our ECISD chief of police, Ricardo Perez, Jr. gave a few words and the Police Department attended as well. Also participating was the Truman Elementary choir students, the Bobcat Cheerleaders, and the PAWS students. After all items were collected, the Police Officers, loaded all items onto the patrol units and proceed to take items to Estrella’s House with police escort. EHS has made the 2017 Season of giving to Estrellita’s House a big success, and once again, commemorated Estrellita Rojas’ memory.