The Stephenville city council approved the recommended appointments to boards and commissions Tuesday night.

Here is a list of the approved boards and commissions:

Planning and Zoning Commission:

Place 2 - Bruce Delater

Place 4 - Cliff McCrury

Place 6 - Nick Robinson

Place 8 - Bill Muncey

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board:

Place 2 - Cheryl Hatton

Place 4 - Jason LaTouche

Place 6 - Nathanial Bural

Library Advisory Board:

Place 2 - Mary Hall

Place 4 - Vacant

Place 6 - Larry Graham

Electrical Board:

Place 2 - Kenneth Howell

Place 4 - Vacant

Airport Advisory Board:

Place 2 - Dana Brinkley

Place 4 - Rick Tennyson

Place 6 - Hardy Hampton

Senior Citizen Advisory Board:

Place 2 - Patsy Jones

Place 4 - Jan Smith

Place 6 - Michael Martin

Board of Adjustment:

Place 2 - Ben Tackett (asked to be moved to alternate 1 position)

Place 4 - Moumin Quazi

Alternate 1 - Chris Gifford (asked to be moved to Place 2 position)

Mechanical Board:

Place 2 - Mike Walker

Place 4 - Rick Alderfer

Building Board:

Place 2 - Fred Parker

Place 4 - Seth Moore

Stephenville Type B Economic Development Authority:

Place 2 - Fisher Rinderknecht

Place 4 - Malcolm Cross

Place 6 - Nathan Heller

Alan Nix questioned the council about why someone so young, speaking of Fisher Rinderknecht, was placed on the SEDA board.

“He’s an up and coming entrepreneur and his concern is that there is not representation of his age group,” Nominations Committee Chairman Rhett Harrison said.

Nominations Committee member Carla Trussell also pointed out the fact that Rinderknecht — who is the owner of Flight Reach Productions — was the winner of the Entrepreneurs of Erath County competition and won second place in another entrepreneur competition out of 180 people.

Nix was not present at the Nov. 14 Nominations Committee meeting when details of the recommendations were presented.

“It was just a curiosity about why there was someone so young,” Nix said. “I apologize for not being at that meeting.”