The votes have been tallied, and the election for Anna mayor and council member seat #4 have been decided on Tuesday, Nov. 7, with Nate Pike claiming the title of mayor and Chris Reeves joining the Anna City Council.

For weeks, six gentlemen have been campaigning and telling the community their ideas for the growth of Anna, all in hopes that they would be able to serve the City and implement their ideas. Each man was hoping to get the chance to sit at the front of the room in a semi-circle twice a month and address the concerns of the citizens.

Newly elected Mayor of Anna Nate Pike said he is very pleased with the entire event — the campaign all the way up to the election. “I am honored and humbled to be able to serve the citizens of Anna,” Pike said. “The voter turnout for Anna was amazing.”

Pike thanked Stan Carver, the only opponent who ran against him for mayor. “I want to thank Stan Carver and congratulate him on such a great campaign,” he said.

Chris Reeves was voted in as city council seat #4, beating out the three other contenders. Reeves said that he was born to serve. “This race was never about ‘Chris Reeves,’ or any other person,” he said. “This election was about every person that calls Anna home.

“The voters showed up in record numbers, they were ready for a change. Serving the people is what I was born to do, I am prepared to do just that,” said Reeves. “I want to thank God first, for giving me the strength and courage to put my name in this race. I want to thank my family, friends, neighbors and complete strangers that chose to believe in me.”

Though he lost out on the mayoral position, Carver said he is grateful for all the wonderful people he has met along the campaign trail. “I am very grateful for the people of Anna’s generosity in allowing me this fantastic opportunity to run for Mayor,” he said. “It has been my privilege and pleasure to experience this. I have met so many wonderful people, including Mr. Pike. I will do all I can to support him as he leads the city as our mayor.”

Bill Morgan, one of the four candidates vying for seat #4, said even though he did not win the seat, he will still champion for Anna’s causes. “I congratulate Mr. Reeves on his win,” Morgan said. “We all ran a clean, fair race and treated each other with respect. It is not often in politics where candidates can honestly say they consider each other friends and are willing to support each other. I would like to thank those that voted for me and tell them that I will continue to fight for the issues we are all concerned about.”

Russ Wong, another candidate vying for the council seat, congratulated Reeves. “I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Chris Reeves on being selected by the City of Anna’s residents to serve on the City Council as councilman place 4,” Wong said. “I am sure Reeves has the skill set to work in a collaborative manner with the city’s Functional Management Groups and City Council members to bring Anna’s hopes, dreams and promises to reality. Attaining this Vision should result in setting a standard that all other communities would hope to strive and emulate.”

Alonzo Tutson, a.k.a. Mr. T, was the 4th candidate running for seat #4. Tutson was more contemplative about his experience. “Thankful just doesn’t quite sum up my thoughts tonight,” Tutson said. “To my family, thank you for believing in me, encouraging me and inspiring me. Your love has carried me through this campaign.

“To Mr. Stan Carver and Mr. Nate Pike: You have been excellent examples of how to lead with this city. You ran with dignity, integrity, and honor. Mr. Carver, your phone calls, messages and willingness to work with others did not go unnoticed. Mayor-Elect Pike, I’ve had the opportunity to experience your leadership as CDC President. You’ve caused us to come out of our comfort zones and use the members individual skills to better the community,” Tutson said.

“To the Place 4 Candidates: Notice I did not say opponents. An opponent is one that is against someone or something,” said Tutson. “I’ve gotten to know you all during this campaign. What I and the community have discovered is every candidate wants what’s best for Anna. Mr. Bill Morgan, Mr. Russell Wong — your insight and input is beyond measure. Councilman- Elect Chris Reeves, I am proud to have you represent me on the Council.”

Tutson said he also wanted to thank grassroots team — Danny Ussery, the Luscombes and others — for all their support. Last, but certainly not least, Tutson said he wanted to thank the people of Anna. “You have spoken in record numbers. Your kind words and thought-provoking questions is why I’m proud to call Anna ‘Y(OUR) Hometown.’ Let’s rally behind these gentlemen as they lead us toward greater things.”