To many in the Northern part of the United States, Fall is the season of pumpkins, sugar and spice, and colorful foliage floating off tree branches. In El Valle, nothing yells out Autumn quite like some good ol’ taquitos, and a “papa con todo”, in the middle of a gorgeous 80-degree, Saturday afternoon. Or maybe we just had a serious craving for a traditional Mexican street food fixing and some grilled onions. Come on now, can you really blame us?

Before getting our fix and setting off on our journey, Gaby decided to pre-game and had some of Mama Watts’ homemade menudo at my place.

Gaby: “Hey! You said no judging.” Trisha: NO judging here, but... you know we’re about to go down some no-nonsense tacos and God knows what else. Right?

Gaby: Um, it’s research and development. I am researching your momma’s famous Menudo and developing a taste for it. Has she thought about opening shop? Can we review it next? Lol

Trisha: Way ahead of you, dear. ( wink) I already proposed the idea. No dice. Momma ain’t having it.

We made our way to Taqueria Los 4 Vientos and arrived to what seemed like a warehouse with two garage doors on three of its walls and the kitchen in the back. A nice breeze passed through the building. However, word to the wise, we can see how this can become a problem during your typical Valley summer days, so be prepared to sweat “la gota gorda”.

INSIDER’S TIP: If it’s too hot, you’re still sporting your pajamas, or just too “ratchet” from a night out, you can always stay in your car and Taqueria Los 4 Vientos has your back. They’ll go right up, take your order and deliver it to you so you can enjoy your fresh homemade tacos from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Don’t expect to be given menus once you sit down. Just turn your head to the North wall and look at the two hanging poster boards that read “Tacos de Almuerzo” and “Bienvenidos” (the rest of the menu is below this phrase). Breakfast tacos like Barbacoa, bacon and egg and machacado are served throughout the day.

Gaby: Note to self: breakfast taco challenge! Stripes vs. Taqueria Los 4 Vientos.

Trisha: So, fast for two days prior to AND immediately after the said “breakfast taco challenge”. Noted!

In typical Gaby-Trisha fashion, we ordered five fajita tacos en tortilla de maíz (con todo), a papa asada con bistek (y todo) and two Joyas. Within minutes, our papa (looked more like three medium-sized potatoes) was out. It literally melted in our mouths! Although, we have to admit that we looked over the kitchen’s counter when they were preparing it and noticed the ladle of butter and sour cream poured and then mashed into our potato. While we had a split second of fleeting remorse, our inner “fat kid” was way satisfied.

The tacos arrived halfway through our first dish and were a beautiful medley of color consisting of a bright serving plate, fresh, green cilantro and caramelized onions.

Trisha: I’m in trouble here. Tiny morsels of finely chopped, tender bistek packed full of flavor. These tacos are deliciosos!

Gaby: The tortillas were freshly made in-house. You can tell due to the difference in the thickness. Do not get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed them, but when I hear taqueria, I think of small, thin tortillas that make 3-bite tacos.

Trisha: “Three-bite” tacos? Gaby: Yeah, you bite the front, then the back, and your final piece is the middle, which is the best part, since it’s nicely packed with all the fixings!

Trisha: Got it. Free style, mini burritos.

If you’re interested in some yummy tacos, hamburguesas (Yes, in Spanish because you’ve never had these in your life), sopes or whatever your heart desires, make sure you show up with cash to Taqueria Los 4 Vientos. These ladies mean business when you get there and do not pussyfoot with Credit, Checks or Lone Star. If you forgot your cash because, oh, I don’t know, maybe you were clubbing too hard, no worries, 4 Vientos has got you covered. There’s an ATM machine on site for when you’re 3 sheets to the wind or just simply forgetful by nature.

Taqueria Los 4 Vientos is located at 525 W. Monte Cristo Road, Edinburg, TX 78541. They can be reached at (956) 383-0201. Their hours of operation are: Tuesday Closed; Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.; Friday and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Although they do not have an official Fan Page on Facebook, enough people have popularized this taquiza that your social media platforms will let you “check in”.

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