McALLEN – With research provided by the Department of Homeland Security the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will make changes to the way passengers travel through security checkpoints at airports.

Before passengers would only have to put a laptop in a separate bin while crossing the security checkpoint but now all electronics larger than a cellular telephone will need to be taken out of their storage and placed in a bin without obstruction on the bottom and the top.

For the past 18 months TSA has been testing the screening of electronics at different airports throughout the United States and now the new procedure will be implemented by the end of the year at all airports.

McAllen Miller International Airport will implement the new process beginning in early November.

The only passengers who will not need to take out electronics larger than a cellular phone are those who have been approved for TSA Precheck.

Items included are handheld devices, hard drives, portable speakers and cameras. For those who have questions about whether their item they can send a photo to @AskTSA.

The process will make going through security longer and a learning curve will be needed for adjustments but Carrie Harmon with TSA Public Affairs said TSA currently recommends passengers arrive two hours before their scheduled flight.

For more information about the new process can be found at