With a chance to push their way closer to first place in District 31-6A Saturday, the Lady Sabes came up short against P-SJ- Memorial, dropping the home match in four sets.

Vela, now 8-3 after a seven-game winning streak came to an end, took the first set but then suffered three 2-point defeats in succession. Memorial, at 10-1, has now taken seven in a row; its last loss was to the Lady Sabes early in the campaign but with three matches left, the Lady Wolverines have the inside track on the title.

Edinburg High is a game behind Vela, improving to 7-3 with a weekend victory against P-SJ-A. The Lady Bears still hold fourth in the district at 6-5, a notch ahead of North, which swept by Econ Saturday to rise to 5-6. The Lady Cougars will have to be at their best to return to the playoffs after a year’s absence; they contest EHS, Memorial, and P-SJ-A to close the season but there is hope: the Lady Bears have Memorial, Vela, and North to finish.

EHS still has hopes of rising in the standings, and has three games against sub-.500 clubs on the schedule. Memorial plays P-SJ-A, North, and P-SJ-A Southwest, however, with Vela closing the regular slate with the trio of Pharr North, P-SJ-A, and Econ.


At the District 31-6A cross country meet at Ebony Hills, the town was well represented, as Econ claimed the girls’ title, Vela the boys’ team crown. Tristan Pena outran the pack for No. 1 honors while teammate Beth Ramos blew away the field for the girls’ trophy.

Vela’s trio of Mario Salas, Ramsey Moreno, and Alex Nieto came 3-4-5 to key the team title, while veteran Mayra Bernardo was second, Lady Jag teammate Teresa Castillo fifth behind Ramos of North, Vela’s top girls’ performer was the gutty Liliana Perez, third place at district.

The regional meet is set to come off Oct. 23 at Corpus Christi.