Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg RGV, thanks to the generous support of Methodist Healthcare Ministries, is helping teach children how to brush their teeth and make healthy snack choices with the Cavity Free Zone program.  Club members at our Fountain Annex Unit are participating in the multiple-session curriculum that explores oral health and hygiene. The sessions feature games, rap sessions, digital imaging and exciting quizzes designed to teach young children how to take care of their teeth.

“A healthy mouth goes beyond having a nice smile—it plays an integral part in their overall good health and helps develop a child’s self-esteem, ability to learn and concentrate,” says Sabrina Walker Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer for Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg RGV.  “It is crucial to help kids understand the importance of good oral health through programs and activities like Cavity Free Zone.”

Did you know that many popular snacks are packed with sweeteners that will leave kids’

teeth coated in cavity-causing sugar. Even seemingly healthy options can contain high

amounts of sugar. One serving of applesauce or raisins contains as much as six teaspoons

of sugar—the same as an average candy bar.

This is why it’s important that kids participate in these programs.  Here are some tips taught to help them protect their pearly whites:

Floss daily

Brush your teeth after each meal.

Pick low-sugar options like pretzels, cheese, crackers, pickles or nuts.

After snacking, drink a glass of water to help wash away the sugar and neutralize the acid. Alternatively, chewing sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva flow has the same effect.

Don’t snack after you have brushed your teeth at night. Sugar that’s on

your teeth when you go to bed will stay there until morning.

Limit your consumption of sugary drinks like juice and soda. When you do drink

them, use a straw, which limits the sugary beverage’s contact with teeth.