The Friends of the Edinburg Public Library invite the community to come experience a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony with George Gause, as he presents the history of the Chinese Tea Ceremony and art of tea drinking.

This Chinese tea ceremony and tasting event will be held at the Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library. The 12:00-1:00 p.m. and is part of the Brown Bag Lunch and Learn series hosted by the organization.

Tea in China is enjoyed in many forms from a simple bowl of tea to the beautiful and intricate tea ceremony. The Feb. 6 presentation will cover traditional equipment used in the preparation of tea and will also touch upon the various types of tea available. Emphasis will be on how to properly (and improperly) prepare tea. Samples of several tea varieties will be prepared and shared with participants.

Presenter George Gause is a retired Special Collections Librarian formerly at The University of Texas-Pan American Library. He is intrigued by both the Chinese and Japanese cultures because of their unique and fascinating artistic and cultural traditions.

The Friends of the Edinburg Library invite the community to come discover the wonderful intricacy of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and find out what the art of drinking tea really means. This cultural experience will appeal to both those interested in Chinese Tea culture, and those interested in ancient and modern Chinese culture.

As always, members of the organization will be available to talk to you about the benefits of becoming a member of the Friends of the Edinburg Public Library.

For more information contact: Sandy Riojas, 401 865-9846 or Jose Tamez, 956 383-6246