The City of Edinburg has received a $5.4 million loan from the Texas Water Development Board.

The money allocated through the Agency’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund will be used to finish the expansion of the West Water Treatment Plant located at 1752 South Mon Mack Road.

This is the second fund allocation from the TWDB for this particular project. In 2013, the City received $10.4 million to upgrade the water treatment plant capacity from eight (8) million gallons per day to 16 million. The water plant provides safe potable water for the residents.

The upgrade began in early 2015 but the reservoir system also needed to be upgraded, boosting the cost of the project to $15.4 million.

This money awarded at the September 22, 2016 meeting of the TWDB in Austin, will allow the City to finish the project without having to use money from the general fund. The funds are low interest, long term loans that are awarded for water projects to help entities comply with drinking water standards.

The expansion includes two raw water pumps, rapid mix, two contact reactors clarifiers, filter building and gallery, clearwell transfer pumps, a two million gallon ground storage tank, three high service pumps, two bulk storage tanks, chemical feed pumps, a sludge pump for clarifier and recovery basin, sludge thickener, two progressive gravity sludge pumps, two meter belt filter press, sludge dewatering building, maintenance building, yard piping, and improvements to the reservoir system that will help meet the new raw water requirements of the expanded treatment capacity.

The West Water Treatment Plant is one of two the City of Edinburg owns and operates. The Downtown Plant has a capacity of 10 million gallons per day. Combined, the two plants will give Edinburg a total of 26 million gallons per day with the ability to service 36,848 connections at half a gallon per minute, per connection. Currently the City services 27,052 connections. The expansion was needed to accommodate the continuous growth throughout the City which is now home to 89,000 people.