This is crazy weather for July and August. I’m not complaining but it is strange for it to be so cool now.

The terrible three who fixed the pontoon and the twisted two who parked it on top a chain link fence had a meeting and decided we would all go fishing in my boat Wednesday. Well as you all know it looked pretty bad Tuesday night and rain was falling so we just decided to stay home.

It wasn’t anything like they forecast. I stayed around the house as long as I could but it was just too good looking — cloud and weather wise — so I hitched up and went.

As I was by myself I went for bass instead of the silver fish. I fished hard for a change; six rods out, changing rods and baits, fishing shallow, rocks, sand, timber in water and anything else in the water I could see.

It was a pitiful day of fishing for all of the different baits I chunked at them. Before I gave up just before dinner I had three bass — one keeper — all off boathouses with a Booyah Swimbait on a 1/2 oz Bomber Jig Head.

I was headed in but as I entered our cove I saw a guy I didn’t know catch a big something. I didn’t know if it was something trying to get in the boat with him or what. The water was flying and I could see him hammering the net up and down like a roofer two shingles behind and trying to catch up.

By now he was hollering ‘big fish’ as his rod was bent double. He was in one of those fold-up boats so he couldn’t stand up to get any leverage; I figured the way he was flailing at the water he had a big gar. He was yelling ‘fish on’ and continuing to beat something with his net. I pulled into a friend’s boathouse, sat and watched.

It was as good as a movie; funny too. Later in the day I met him and he said he had a big catfish. The catfish was too big to go in the net so he was trying to put its head in the net, without tearing his boat apart. The big cat won the fight.

Now since I was already in a boathouse that had been brushed out, I decided I would do some crappie fishing. The cloud cover and wind blowing through it and the cool weather made it really comfortable. In the inventory I keep in my boat I include two crappie poles and a small tackle box of baits.

Leaving my boat in the stall, I got my crappie stuff and went over to the next boat slip as it was empty. My first drop with a 1/8 oz Blakemore Road Runner using a Reality Sushi shad body tipped with a crappie nibble got me a nice keeper.

It was comfortable — crappie were biting good and I was breaking about even on keeping and losing. They were way ahead of me swiping nibbles. If you aren’t using a Float it can really be hard to feel a crappie bite. I prefer not to use a cork when I’m fishing like I was fishing in the stall so I finally had to resort to close line watching.

As I walked the slip often all I would see would be my line go slack lift up and a fish is on. Another crappie attracter was when I would hang the jig on a branch or something. Popping the line and working it up and down almost ever time it came off a fish grabbed it.

Two things to remember: don’t set the hook hard as crappie have tender mouths, and also if the bite slows you can often change to another color.

I had good luck on a Wasabi color when the Sushi bite slowed. Different colors, shaped bodies and it starts all over again.

Get outside every chance you can now while we have this great weather. The old saying in Texas? If you like or don’t like the weather give it a day to change. Holds true most times.

Tip of the week: When you come in from a day of fishing take time to get some Blakemore Reel Magic.

Spray down and wipe your rods and reels and line spools. It keeps them looking like new and your line moving smoothly and your reel purring.

Don’t forget to lube the handles. Because it isn’t petroleum based it doesn’t collect and retain dust.