The Municipal Building lawn was still packed as the band finished their hit song. I was already heading for the car to avoid traffic. As Blue Öyster Cult strummed the first chord of their encore song, my car door slammed behind me.

It’s an indescribable feeling seeing an artist play a beloved song live. I can only say that the raw notes and energy eminating from the stage make me feel like I’m floating.

I can’t at all claim to be a big enough Blue Öyster Cult fan to have connected with their performance in this way, but seeing members of the crowd in front of me sway, dance and fist pump along made me feel good. I’ve been lucky enough to see many my favorite musicians live in the past, and I could completely relate with the impulse to just let loose.

I love the way people express themselves when they’re in this state, be it the musician or another member of the audience. It is entrancing for me to watch someone lose themselves in what they are doing.

I believe that this is what makes live music so personal for the audience. When I was younger I would fight my way to the front of the stage. Back then, I saw this space as the hub of all of the action and energy at a concert. It may be. But now, it doesn’t matter how close or far I am from the stage, as long as I can connect with the music in my own unique way.

The feeling seems to be contagious. I left in a good mood.

This October, I will finally have the chance to see one of my favorite musical groups live for the first time in the 15 years I have been a fan. Searching for tickets has been an emotional rollercoaster; though I’ve known and planned to go for sometime, sold out venues have left me scrambling and threatening to spend hundreds of dollars.

But for me, the feeling is definitely worth it. I’ll travel anywhere and pay any amount to get to experience the excitement and intensity of that only live music can provide.

Happy birthday Friday to Luke Gowdy, Sherman Johnson, and Ernie Goolsby, all of Sherman; Marry Harris of Granbury; Jerry Ruffin of Grand Prairie; Mary Nell Miller of Tom Bean; and Ray Burk of Pottsboro.

Happy anniversary Friday to Bobby and Shirley Neely of Whitesboro, 50 years.