EDINBURG – Edinburg Rotary recently donated $3,400 in gift cards to Edinburg CISD to help students displaced by the hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico.


Currently, there are 16 students displaced by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and one student displaced by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, who are attending classes at Edinburg CISD.


“Our club was happy to be able to support students who are new to the Edinburg school district. These are students who were displaced by hurricanes and are now members of our school district,” Edinburg Rotary President Diane McLarty said. “We wanted to find a way to help students locally.”


The Edinburg Rotary received a district grant to buy $100 gift cards for 17 students to purchase school supplies, clothing and other items that they may have lost during the hurricanes, McLarty said. The district grant was matched by the Edinburg Rotary to provide an additional $1,700 for those students, which totaled $3,400 in gift cards.


“We are going to make sure that all of these students receive the benefits from these donations, so that we can make their lives a little easier,” Edinburg CISD Superintendent Dr. René Gutiérrez told the Rotarians during their luncheon meeting at the Echo Hotel. “We welcome them to our district. And we will do everything we can to provide them with an education."


Edinburg CISD Parental Involvement Supervisor Sandra Rodriguez said that she and her staff will be meeting with the students and their families at Walmart to help them select the items that they need.


“It was amazing to see the students’ wish list of the items that they were needing. They were asking for a hairbrush, a tooth brush and towels to be able to shower,” Rodriguez said. “These are basic items that they are needing to be able to get through the day, to be able to get to school, and to feel good about themselves.”