Files to run for another term as mayor of Edinburg

EDINBURG – Standing before his family and supporters at Edinburg city hall mayor Richard Garcia made his bid for re-election official with the city secretary.

“Moving onto the future,” Garcia said. “We're working on some huge projects and there's some projects that I need to finish that are important to me.”

One of those projects for example is college football, finishing the corridor, La Sienna and the Hidalgo County Courthouse.

Garcia told his supporters he has worked hard for the past 11 years to bring the city to what it is today by working with other regional mayors, corporate America and state legislators.

Garcia continued by saying he never had the dream of becoming mayor when he was a child or city employee.

“We work for the cause not the applause,” he said.

Since Garcia has been mayor a new city hall, library, sports and wellness center, a new gym, a new fire department and emergency operations, water plant, sewer line and shoppes where stores like Academy and JCP have been constructed. The city brings $100 million a year in direct economic impact and $2 million in sales tax.

Before he was mayor Garcia said unemployment was in the double digits.

“Today we have thousands of new jobs in restaurants, in retail, education, construction and manufacturing,” he said.

Even before this election was officially underway with the city secretary fillings the race for mayor took on a negative image.

The mayor said when he was in law school he was taught to use either pound facts or law to get a win in court, because when neither are present the table is pounded.

“The table has taken a beating today by my opposition,” Garcia said to those in the crowd. “Ask yourself to benefit who, this is not about them, not about me but about you.”

He continued by telling his opposition if they seek to do the good he has done, “go down the street and further your education, work hard at your chosen profession, get some leadership experience then come out to see us.”

The mayor also said this is a serious business and shortcuts to elevating yourself is not what this community deserves. His previous opponent had similar issues with Garcia and has joined forces with his current opponent.

“I guessed they missed the lesson in school that two negatives never equal a positive,” he said.

After the event Garcia said the politics being played right now in the mayor race is something he has never witnessed.

“It's a sad thing for our community and frankly I would have been very disappointed had not one of the council members that caused the big division here not filed for my race,” Garcia said. “I welcome that, at least to get resolved for the benefit of the citizens.”

People time and time again have told the mayor the division of the council is completely out of hand. Hopefully this election will remedy the division for the sake of the citizens.

Early voting for the upcoming election begins Oct. 23 and runs through Nov. 3. Election Day is Nov. 7.