EDINBURG – Approximately 300 students recently participated in Edinburg CISD’s Migrant Education Program called Project Smart: “Making Mathematics Meaningful,” where teachers visit students at their homes and give them math lessons.

Project Smart is a combination of teacher lessons, video lessons and parental involvement as the entire family often joins in on the instruction.  The summer math program reaches qualifying migrant students in grades kinder through eighth.

“I have a family that I’m working with four kids, but I have seven of them sitting at the table because they just want to come and see what we’re doing. They’ll ask me, “You didn’t bring anything for me?” So, I’ll make extra copies so they feel that they’re included,” Project Smart Teacher Esther Castillo said.

Project Smart teachers said that they work closely with each family member during their visits. The primary goal of the program is to improve the math skills of migrant students. However, teachers also educate the students in other subjects.

“The focus is math, but the teachers do incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) lessons,” Project Smart Supervisor Veronica Chavez said. “They bring in the literacy. They bring in the science. They bring in technology. They try to incorporate everything.”