EDINBURG - Eleyna Lopez a student at Edinburg North, and her classmates Maya Zavala, Faith Melendez and Eva Cerda needed an idea for a cupcake to enter into the annual Edinburg school district Cupcake Wars.

While tackling the subject of another day in their culinary class it was evident the four students were going to make a churro cupcake.

Ideas like a pink lemonade or other flavors for a cupcake were tossed around by the students but ultimately they went with the churro.

“We thought about doing an Oreo one but that was already taken,” Lopez said.

Six cupcakes were presented to a panel of judges so a winner could be declared in the Edinburg school district Career and Technical Education (CTE) annual Cupcake Wars. The cupcake war was a product of the CTE Summer Enrichment Programs which takes place from June 5 until June 22.

Tephanie Cadena, the food science teacher at Edinburg North high school said students always go to the next level with cupcake wars.

“They're researching, combining recipes and sometimes they figure it out on their own,” she said.

With a competition like this Cadena thinks self-confidence is boosted but it will also build team building skills as well as learning to give constructive criticism to their peers.

Now for those concerned whether or not students are learning about nutrition and not just making cupcakes all day no need to worry. With the different CTE courses there is also a health and wellness program.

In one case students learned how to make brownies from black beans and avocados. The teachers found the lesson to be a big hit.

“I was telling one of my students that it's a new industry,” Cadena said of a conversation she had with one of her students graduating next year. “Something you should start looking into are healthy versions of cupcakes using different fats.”

Editor's Note: Once and a blue moon being a journalist leads to opportunities like judging Cupcake Wars. It was a true pleasure to do so but I offer advice to the competitors in the wake of this competition.

Food competitions are subjective.

Whatever one judge might like another might find horrible. Do not be discouraged if the cupcake your team submitted did not win. For being only freshman and competing in opportunities like this speaks highly of you and your teammates.

For some this might be a credit for another class, for others like Faith Melendez this is an opportunity to learn skill that can help with paying bills while in college. Eleyna Lopez hopes to make this a career.

No matter the reason all these students are learning how to be better at life. I hope being judged on your cupcakes does not make them stop learning in the kitchen. Keep up the great taste and have fun.

I truly enjoyed being a part of this event, and by the look of it so did the other judges which included The Monitor Community Editor Tami Cupples-Hernandez and KVEO New Center 23 reporter Karina Segovia.

Like I said once and blue moon being a journalist leads to opportunities.