EDINBURG – The Edinburg Fire Department broke ground on station No. 5 at 8502 N. Jasman Rd. near the Edinburg Solid Waste Department and Landfill.

“Something that we have been working on for years is finally going to come to fruition,” Edinburg Fire Chief Shawn Snider said. “The message today is about partnerships and regionalization and working together.”

The new $1.4 million station will be built by not only city funds but with a third of the cost being covered by the Hidalgo County Emergency Service District 2.

The station has been a long time coming. In 2003 the city put into plan a fire station extension. It will be the first station on north side of town which will service about 60,000 people. Station No. 5 will be a full service station with four fire trucks, one ambulance permanently stationed, dormitories, a kitchen and a work out area.

At any give period of time there will be 10 firefighters on duty. Currently the fire department consists of 49 paid firefighters and 62 volunteers. Last year they responded to 2,200 calls.

Chief Snider said as the city grows more fire stations are needed. The new station is a long-term investment and will pay dividends for years to come.

The Chief has been asked on why the station was put so far north of town but with municipal planning everything has a purpose. Typically there is a two-mile radius around a fire station and the next fire station needs to be another two miles away.

“We have closed the gap here with our city in response (time),” Snider said. “By building this station here we have eliminated eight miles of response to get to a home, a fire or a rescue.”

Eight miles of response time is about 10 minutes for firefighters.