EDINBURG – The red carpet was rolled out at the new IMAX Theater so attendees could listen to Mayor Richard Garcia report in his state of the city address that Edinburg is “Flying High.”

As the crowd nestled in their seats with popcorn and hot dogs they were greeted by a film about the successful history of Edinburg.

Garcia in turn echoed the history and outlined the new construction, new jobs and the state of the city finances in his address.

Projects like Cinergy, a 90,000-square-foot entertainment complex, the newly built H-E-B Park and the IMAX Theater were all highlighted.

Garcia announced the coming of a new Payne dealership, Jason's Deli and veterinary clinic as well as a special needs park where children with all types of challenges will be able learn about feelings of belongings and acceptance.

“I thought to myself these children are not only generally neglected but hidden away,” he said. “What a perfect thing to do to build a special needs park and do it right the center of the city so they can participate with everyone else.”

The park is part of the Casa Cultural Project, the old Sam Houston Elementary that will be located along the McIntyre Promenade.

The mayor also mentioned the city recorded $14 million in remodeling and repair permits in March of this year. The first three months of 2017 Edinburg recorded $134 million in construction projects.

Hacienda Ford added a $2.5 million expansion and Bert Ogden added a new Fiesta Dealership and a $5.6 million addition along with 50 new jobs.

The city's credit rating went from AA- to “an outstanding AA.” Fitch ratings credits the city's sound economy to the growth management, prudent budgeting and moderating carrying costs for debt srvice and retiree benefits as well as a stable economy despite a healthy population growth and a consistent increase in employment levels.

“This fiscal year we saw the creation of 875 new jobs plus the hundreds of workers that have been hired for construction projects throughout the city,” Garcia said.

In 2016 the planning and zoning department issued $209 million in construction project permits.

“We're on track to exceed $209 million by the end of the year,” the mayor said. “Numbers don't lie, Edinburg is Flying High.”