EDINBURG – The Edinburg Rotary honored eight students recently from the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District Migrant Education Program during its luncheon meeting at the Echo Hotel in Edinburg.

“I am honored that the Rotary Club members would allow us to showcase our migrant students,” said ECISD Migrant Coordinator Patricio Rene Escamilla. “It was really outstanding. The kids really got to share some heart felt stories, such as where they want to go to further their education.”

The students’ recognition is part of the Edinburg Rotary’s Student of the Month Program, which highlights two senior students from each high school.

“It is important for everyone to understand that the kids can really overcome the barriers that they face in school,” Escamilla said. “After working in the field, coming to school late, leaving early, and being able to be focused in school. To overcome that and to really shoot for the stars so to speak. And to actually, go to college and prepare for college.” 

The Edinburg Rotary recognized the following students:

Gina R. Garza, Edinburg High School Senior

Ramon Zavala, Edinburg High School Senior

Jacqueline J. Flores, Edinburg North High School Senior

Joseph C. Rodriguez, Edinburg North High School Senior

Karla Garcia, Economedes High School Senior

Oscar Barrera, Economedes High School Senior

Jasen Oropeza, Vela High School Senior

Stephanie Sepulveda, Vela High School Senior