In Celebration of Engineers Week , the annual campaign to inspire the next generation of engineers and excite youth about the possibilities a career in engineering can offer, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg RGV hosted engineering sessions daily for its Club members from February 20 -25, 2017.

During the week, themed ‘Engineers Dream Big’; there were hundreds of fun, informative and educational events happening around the club.  The activities were designed to provide an insight into the diversity of engineering in today and highlight the way in which engineering touches the everyday lives of everyone.

Activities organized by the Club’s youth development professional staff under the leadership Michael Acevedo, UTRGV STEM Intern included aero to civil engineering. Clubs members built rockets, towers, bridges and gliders.   “Engineers are in demand in because they are essential to the growth and development of our country. In the past few decades, engineers have changed the world by creating the internet, mapping the human genome and helping to send astronauts into space. Right now, engineers are working on innovative projects from solar energy to synthetic organs, driverless cars to virtual reality headsets,” said Michael. 

“Students of engineering develop an invaluable set of skills that serve as a strong career foundation and it is important that we educate club members and parents about the opportunities in engineering,” The Chief Executive Officer, Sabrina Walker Hernandez said. “Engineers Week allows us to engage with club members and spark their enthusiasm for engineering and we encourage everyone to get involved during this week.”