EDINBURG – The Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District’s 24th Annual District Spelling Bee was seen globally as KATS Media broadcasted the event live, using one of its Ustream channels. 

More than 75 students competed in the Spelling Bee, which was seen by approximately 250 people from all over the world, including Mexico, Denmark, Korea, Spain and Indonesia. 

“It’s really incredible what we can do with today’s technology,” KATS Media Producer Martin Torres said.

This is the first time that KATS Media used Ustream for a live event. 

The district’s Library Services Department staff organized the Spelling. Staff members said that they too were ecstatic about people viewing the competition from around the world. 

“We’re so happy that we could reach so many people in so many places,” Library and Technology Specialist David Garza said.

KATS Media plans to expand its live coverage of events with Ustream as the school year continues.