EDINBURG – Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District Teacher Victor Rivera is electrifying his students at Kennedy Elementary School, literally, with his new children’s book, “The Electric Teacher.”

In his book, Rivera writes that “The electric teacher is specifically designed to provide academic assistance to all grade levels in various content areas, other duties and extracurricular activities may apply.”

Rivera said that the book is about student life in general with a good moral story.  He said that the main character, the electric teacher, is a lot like him.

“I wanted something unique, and I wanted something that represents me as a person, since I’m always on the go and I’m always doing something spontaneous,” he said. 

When asked if he has a lot of energy, Rivera replied, “Yes, so I kind of made myself into a character.”

So how are Rivera and the electric teacher similar?

“The electric teacher is a military prototype and if you notice in one of the pictures, he’s wearing a beret, and it’s got my military crest on it,” he said.

Rivera is a veteran who served in the Army as a paratrooper. He may be the electric teacher in his book, but in real life he is a teacher at Kennedy Elementary School with a focus on special education resource for all grade levels.

“Resource is a pull-out program,” he said. “I work with kids who have difficulties with reading, language arts, writing, math and even the sciences.”

His expertise in special education helped him to develop some unique features for the book, such as using a large font for those who are visually impaired and glossy pages for those with tactile sensitivities.

“With glossy pages, it’s a smooth texture and it feels softer. There’s a certain coolness to the page,” he said.  “Kids with tactile sensitivities, they feel that and they’re very sensitive to that.”

Rivera said the whole process for getting the book ready for publication took him about four months, including the illustrations.

“I worked with the illustrations, and my son helped with the sketching,” he said. “And then, the publishing company spiffed it up for me.”

Rivera said that he wants students to walk away with the idea that the electric teacher wants you to learn, as he points out in the final pages of his book, “I want you... to learn! Let’s work together to share the dreams of tomorrow!”

“The Electric Teacher” is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble bookstores or at Amazon.com.