Even the most hard-hearted Scrooge couldn’t have helped but smile a little while listening to carolers from an Edinburg high school. And if their lovely voices weren’t enough to inflame the Christmas spirit, the singers’ Santa hats, bright sweaters and blinking light jewelry would surely have lassoed their hearts with tinsel and ribbon.

J. Economedes High School Show Choir brought the musical joy of Christmas to multiple locations, including North Alamo Water Supply Corp., Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District Central Office, Edinburg Chamber of Commerce and Amara Hospice. The choir performed under the direction of Naida Ramsey, head choir director, and Kathryn Esau-Treviño, assistant choir director.

“The purpose of the caroling project is to enrich the learning experience of the students through live performance and to provide community service opportunities,” said Esau-Treviño.

“Also, it is a goal of the J. Economedes Choral Department to give back to the community in the surrounding area through music and cultural enrichment.”

At North Alamo Water Supply, both the staff and customers enjoyed the performance of traditional and new Christmas songs. Comments overheard from the audience: “It made me sentimental.” “It put me in the Christmas spirit.”

“We were thrilled that the J. Economedes Show Choir was able to stop by North Alamo Water Supply Corp.,” said Steven P. Sanchez, general manager. “We appreciate the time and effort the choir directors and students put into the performance. It takes more than talent to put on a show of this caliber. Undoubtedly, there were many hours of rehearsal and work involved.”