McALLEN - The east side of the bus station was recently upgraded with canopies that will provide shade for those waiting to be picked up or depart to their destination.

“We wanted to implement some shade area for our patrons and we also have taxis that queue up,” McAllen Transit Director Mario Delgado said.

The improvement to the building was just under $30,000 which 80 percent was covered by a federal grant.

There just over 3.5 million people that visit the terminal per year so Delgado's mission is to make the bus station as convenient as possible.

Up next for the bus station will be the renovations of the restrooms and way-finding signs. For those renovations the cost will be roughly $30,000.

Delgado said the renovations are in no way tied to the recent influx of immigrants that have passed through the bus station.

The bus station opened in 2001.