EDINBURG - To help the public begin a healthy 2017, the Friends of the Edinburg Public Library will host a 12:00-1:00 p.m. event focusing on techniques to prevent back pain and injury. The presentation, “Tips to Prevent Back Injury and Pain,” will be held at the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library, 1906 S. Closner. The event is the third in the Brown Bag Lunch and Learn series hosted by the organization.People with backaches say symptoms disrupt their daily routines; however, everyday habits may be the factors causing the pain. It’s important to identify some of those behaviors, avoid them and adapt new, healthy ones. Small fixes in people’s daily lives can lead to big changes in one’s quality of life.

Monday Jan 9 Chiropractor Jana G. Hendrick, D.C. of Hendrick Wellness Center will address the importance of spinal health and give tips for preventing back pain in daily home and workplace activities. She will provide attendees with guidelines they can use in order to take better care of their backs. Presenter Jana G. Hendrick, D.C., has been a chiropractor in McAllen for ten years.

The Friends of the Edinburg Library invite people to attend the event to learn more about the small changes that can be made, which can have a big impact on their spinal health and overall health. Let

2017 be the year you educate yourself about ways to protect your spine and stay safe in whatever activities you do.

Contact persons: Sandy Riojas, 401 865-9846 and Jose Tamez, 956 383-6246