The City of Edinburg has been awarded a $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency. The money will be used by the City to address drainage issues on the north side of town.

The project includes the installation of a 60-inch line along West Rogers Road and along the east property line of Edinburg North High School. This line will help with the drainage of the Glasscock and Stonecrest Subdivisions which most recently flooded due to the June 19, 2015, rain storm.

Additionally, the project includes an extension of the Lull Drain and a culver crossing at Brenda Street as well as the addition of inlets along West Rogers Road and on the west side of Edinburg North to help with an existing flooding problem at the school.

Mayor Richard H. Garcia welcomed the news of the award and thanked Congressman Ruben Hinojosa who worked diligently to ensure Edinburg received the federal funds. “What this means is that we will immediately be able to improve the drainage issues we know we have on the north side of the City. While the entire area is part of our Master Drainage Plan, we no longer have to wait until City dollars are available. This money will speed up the process. I think the people in these neighborhoods will be extremely happy.”

Meantime, Congressman Hinojosa said, “I have been proud to consistently support appropriations for FEMA disaster assistance in Congress, without which this grant would not be possible. These storm water management projects will help protect Edinburg North High School and surrounding homes from severe damages of destructive flooding in our region.”

The grant does require a city match of $402,000 which the City has allocated in the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year Budget.

Overall this project will not only solve known flooding issues, it will also provide relief to the intersection of West Rogers Road and North Closner Boulevard. Surrounding subdivision will indirectly benefit from the extension of the Lull Drain, by providing linear detention within the existing system.